It is often necessary to have a way to measure our individual development, to ask yourself how authentically human have I really become? What is the best way to be and live life to its fullest? Are there just a few points to check if I am right or wrong in a situation, in dealing with life? This is true whether one is a farmer or businessman, politician or carpenter, single or in a family, man or woman. It makes absolutely no difference, everyone needs a spiritual guideline and a code to live by. Here is one with four straightforward and deep words.

In the old style of questioning the Buddha as written in the sutras, the Buddha responds with four simple words to remember, understand, train in and live by: train in being impartial, altruistic, non-aggressive and free of prejudice, and hereby realize the equal nature of all things. These four words point to our deepest state of being, our basic innocence, the child-like open mind we all love and admire. They are key points, simple to remember and simple to be. Witness how they require no rigid form or behavior. 

  1. Impartial: Just like you feel pleasure and pain, so does everyone else. There is no difference. Every living being deserves to be respected on that level, because it’s true that we are all sensitive.
  2. Altruistic: The tenderness that you feel when open-minded, toward a loved one, your child, your parents gives room to a simple wish: may you be well.
  3. Non-aggresive: The attitude of causing no harm is the most fundamental principle for peace in the world, in the family and in the mind. It’s the dividing point between savagery and civilization and the support for genuine self-worth and human dignity. It makes it possible to live together and blossom in harmony.
  4. Free of prejudice: To judge other in advance is always unfair and yet, we judge not only others, but each situation and state of mind. Prejudice narrows and hardens the living sensitive heart. It’s a self-created cage. Freedom of prejudice is the entrance door to true and lasting freedom.

In real meditation all these four qualities are present and it’s our job to let them blossom fully. 

Moonlight Buddha

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