An authentic way to combine mindfulness and methods to transform our stream of thinking into being the dance of the awakened state, Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche taught me the Tibetan way of mindfulness.

When you mindfully observe,
the present state of thought is negative, aggressive, selfish, arrogant or close-minded,
remind yourself of the method to change it into being at peace, which is a neutral state.

When you mindfully notice,
that your present state of thought is neutral,
remind yourself of a technique to suffuse the peace with love, making it positive.

When you mindfully see,
that your present state of thought is positive,
remind yourself of a method to dissolve the duality within love and devotion, making it sublime.

When you mindfully observe,
that the present state is sublime,
remember to check if there is even a dust mode of attachment.

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