It should be fun and easy to go deeper, individually and as a group. That is why the teachings are given in a friendly and mutually respectful atmosphere, just like in a good family. Such an atmosphere both promotes and reveals our inner life, so we can be ourselves on a deeper level, and speak freely and without pretence.

Please consider that Bodhi Training requires a high level of commitment. When you are accepted into the program, you are expected to participate in all the meetings unless special circumstances prevent you from doing so. Furthermore, it is expected that you train in, and explore, the topics during your daily life and that you continually hand in the written reports.

The fee for participating in Bodhi Training is used to cover organizing and staff. The teaching itself is a dharma gift, which means that it is given for free. The primary investment is your own sincerity and curiosity.

Bodhi Training began May, 2022, but we are open for late applications until the the third teaching in August.


To participate in Bodhi Training, please send a written application in which you write briefly about yourself and your life and share what motivates you to commence this program and what you wish to get out of it.

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