Learn to train being authentic in a simple way, and allow compassion and insight to bloom in every life situation.

The foundational principles in Bodhi Training are impartiality and altruism, non-violence and freedom from prejudice. You seek collective development rather than self-development, and emphasize intelligent inquiry, humaneness, the skill to step aside, a sense of reality, courage, and, last but not least, love in the form of respect for all beings.

  • You work through life’s essential themes and circumstances
  • You explore consciousness, thoughts and sensations
  • You train in freeing up your experience
  • You integrate dharma in your personal and professional lives
  • You receive ongoing guidance in both understanding, experiencing and conveying what you learn
  • You train to inspire others to have a real understanding of life.
During the meetings you will receive a lay out of concise and important key points and summaries. At the same time we engage in our inner training in a way that corresponds with the teaching levels, so that instructions and techniques can be integrated in your personal experience.

In Bodhi Training we will go through a series of insights and ways of being:

  • Practical humanism through cultivating the four flowers of compassion
  • Opening to our divine aspect through authentic presence in the present moment
  • Natural egolessness and the unravelling of self centered emotions
  • Bodhisattva heart, unconfined love and will
  • Transcendent insight into the nature of reality
  • Padmasambhava’s insights in Vajrayana

    Bodhi Training consists of three modules each containing ten meetings. Each module lasts approximately one year. You register for one module at a time and progress at your own pace.

    During the first year we learn the basic methods for being present and resting in ourselves, and for leading our lives towards a deeper sense of meaning. We investigate the mind, our will and the depths of the present moment, and we open to the fundamental insights into centerless awareness which Buddha gave leading to experiencing personal liberation from self-centered emotions and karma.

    During the second module we open to the path of the bodhisattva as a natural continuation of what we have learned and integrated during the first year. We inquire into the nature of all things, and we learn to discern between reality and delusion. The underlying tone that vibrates through these teachings is altruistic love grounded in transcending insight.

    When we arrive at the third module, we are ready to apply the profound and direct methods of Vajrayana. Vajrayana Bodhi Training builds on and extends the love and insight that we have become familiar with through personal experience. We learn methods for realization, which through the year, will mature into becoming an authentic ground for life and death.

    During the first two years, you will each month hand in a short written report that conveys your interpretation of the current topic, using your own words and based on your personal experience. This has the purpose of developing your ability to explain and convey timeless insights.

    The teaching format combines questions and dialogue, so that everyone has the opportunity to work through and clarify their experience and understanding as the basis for helping themselves and others.

    Learn to train in reality in a straightforward way and let love and insight blossom in all areas of life.
  • “Interrupt the dualistic mind, so that you are at peace, in a way of being that is more and more open, effortless and light. We all need this form of lightness and spaciousness in life. Let a kindness that gives space be your natural atmosphere.”

    — Erik Pema Kunsang